About Us: Guild Constitution

Chilliwack Quilters' Guild Constitution - Amended May 21, 2014

  1. The name of the society is "Chilliwack Quilters' Guild".
  2. The purpose of the society is:

​​(a) to bring together artisans interested in quilting.

(b) to promote, to the community, an appreciation of the artistic value of quilting.

(c) to promote enjoyment and mutual assistance among quilters. 

(d) to instruct in various aspects of quilting (i.e. exchange of ideas and resources).



1. Dues are payable in September and will be set by membership vote every April.

2. Persons not belonging to the Guild may only attend one meeting annually as a guest.

3. Membership ceases on non-payment of dues.

4. Members in good standing only, eligible to vote.


(a) All day workshops, when offered, will be open to the general public, at an additional fee, with priority given to Guild members.

(b) Guild two-hour morning workshop will be open to guests on a one-time basis.

6. Meetings shall be held the 3rd Tuesday of the month from September until June, except when that date falls on a holiday, in which case another date will be chosen.



1. The annual meeting will be held not later than 15 months after incorporation, and after that once in every calendar year.

2. The annual general meeting shall be held in May of each year and elections will take place at this meeting. The privilege of holding office will be limited to members in good standing.

3. This meeting will be held in Chilliwack, BC at our regular meeting place.

4. 10% of voting members attending to hold meeting, but never less than 3 persons.

5. Annual financial statement to be presented. Year-end April 30th.

6. Report to be forwarded to the Registrar of Companies.



1. The executive shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Chairman, and Past President.

2. Standing committees consist of: Coffee Convener, Librarian, Membership, Newsletter, Show & Tell, Sound Chairperson, Photographer, Sunshine, Web Master, and We Care Chairperson.

3. Show Committee chairman shall be appointed by the executive prior to show or competition.

4. The nominating committee (appointed prior to elections) shall consist of three members whose duty it is to approach nominees and ask executive members if they wish to stand for another position.

5. Executive positions are to be 2 year terms with option for re-election for 2nd term, and may serve for two consecutive terms only.

6. Standing committees are 1 year terms with option for 2nd year.


By-laws may be rescinded, altered or amended by a special resolution, passed by three-quarters majority of the members present at a general meeting, of which a 30 day written notice is given, specifying to propose the resolution.

In the event of the dissolution of the Guild, all liabilities shall be paid, satisfied and discharged, or adequate provisions made therefore. Any remaining funds as are in the treasury at the time shall be given to a non profit organization as determined by the majority of the remaining members.